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With a huge library of hundreds of thousands of songs available digitally over broadband and about 3,000 stored on the jukeboxes' hard drives, your customers can always find, pay for and play a song they want to hear.

  • Touchscreen internet jukeboxes

  • Small screen wall models

  • Large screen wall models

  • Floor models

  • CD jukeboxes (upon request)

Never get up from your seat

Ask Zoro Enterprises Inc. about the mobile select feature that allows jukeboxes to be activated through your smart phone.


You can sit anywhere and play the jukebox right from your phone. Call Jim or Joe today to discuss the features!

Which is best for you?

Wherever you're planning on housing one of our AMI jukeboxes, they will offer you the option of cash, credit card and mobile select payments for jukebox listening.


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Receive quality equipment and service from the professionals.

Your place will be a hot spot with a new jukebox from Zoro Enterprises Inc.

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